• Skull:  Black Granite, Grey Granite, Bone , Black , Blood Red
  • Soul:    Green Granite, Sand Stone, Coco, Black Granite. Brazilian  
  • Tongue:  Green. Black  & Grey Granite, Coco, Brazilian, Terra Cotta
  • Angry:  Terra Cotta, Green , Black & Grey Granite, Coco, Sand Stone
  • Happy:  Coco. Terra Cotta, Green , Grey & Black Granite, Sand Stone 
  • Pirate:  Coco, Sand Stone, Terra Cotta, Black & Grey Granite. Brazilian 
  • Sm. Easter Island:Grey & Black Granite, Sand Stone, Brazilian, 
  • Lg. Easter Island: Brazilian, Sand Stone, Green , Black & Grey Granite




Just a small sampling of some of our Tiki Planters in shapes and colors .

‚Äč Our Styles & Colors


Our Tiki's Planters are made of polyethylene resin. They are made to withstand years of indoor and outdoor use.

Our LED lighted Tiki's are all the rage today. They add a great addition to any Tiki collection. great for parties and extra ambient lighting. 

All of our  speaker use a  marine grade speaker so rain and salt air will not interrupt years of great sound to any outdoor setting.

Our Top Sellers

Our versions of The Easter Island (Moai)  are very popular. We make them in multiple granite colors to blend with any outdoor setting. They come in two sizes Small and large. Our large version has a table top option. Both make a great look to your garden. Our angry & Happy Tiki  are the most  sought  after because of there Tropical Look and Feel. Our Skull jest fills the need for the dark side.   

From Our Factory to your Patio, Backyard or Garden.

We strive to make sure that our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  

Our Fountains are made to last. We use only the best pumps on the market today to ensure excellent function and adjustability.

OuR Tiki's are Covid-19 Free! 

Please use social distancing, stay safe and ejoy planting your new Tiki Planter.